A whole decade has passed since I walked across the stage and gained the honor of officially becoming a Registered Nurse. A humbling career choice at the time as I originally wanted to become a veterinarian but quickly changed course once I found out I had to milk a cow at 4 A.M. I’m a Brooklyn Baby Anyhow, lol. Nonetheless, who would of known, ten years later, my so humbling change of career choice would of landed me at the frontline of a worldwide pandemic that we have never seen in this lifetime. Hmm..is it too late to milk that cow? Joking! Regardless if I am in the front, back, side of this crisis, I am so honored to still be able to provide efficient care to the people who need it most especially in this day in time.

Everything Happens In Its Right Time

I was one of five young black kids in my graduating class, and of course we banded together tighter than a virgin on a hot summer day. The night before graduation, we all were waiting for our last set of grades to come in. I received my Med-surgical lab grade…C-. In Nursing school you had to maintain a 75 average in all classes in order to advance. A C- was a 74. I received a bogus reasoning for my grade from the professor and just like birds of a feather that stick together, those 4 other black kids chipped in and wrote up an extensive pharmacological “extra credit” assignment in my honor and submitted it to that professor in order for me to receive my 75. It worked and with puffy eyes I was able to cross that stage…all 5 of us…we were so proud because we really made it through the trenches. Or so we thought!


So now here I am! Established in my respected nursing career choice. With 10 years expertise, its my anniversary! I should be on a cruise…not a Zoom party, but such is life! I am so grateful to even have made it this far, happy that I now have the credentials and knowledge I need to fight this battle along with my coworkers, friends and family. As distinguished as being a nurse may seem from the outside, the humility, care and compassion it takes to live and breathe this career daily is unmatched. This is why I brag so much, lol, despite me also being a Leo of course.

Cheers to the past decade filled with patients & patience, love, mistakes, wins, losses, tears, and laughter in nursing. Cheers to ten more years to come! Asking God to continue to protect me along this journey so I may continue to help and serve the amazing people of NYC who need it most.

Happy 10 Year Anniversary To The Class Of 2010! WE IS OLD!

#TEN #Decade #Anniversary #Nurseversary

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