Child’s Play

I buried my mother one year ago today. I find it quite ironic that I decided to write out of all days…today. Subconsciously, the universe always has a way of pointing you in the right direction of healing without you even noticing it. With so much added to my plate lately, I am trying to keep writing as a core principle in my life as it is my first self care love. So boom.. let us commence. When you think of the future…What do you see? What is the first thing you see in your mind. Spaceships? Or you as an older self? I was told this week that the vast difference between a child’s mind against an adult’s is the fact that a child holds no limit to their imagination. A child can dream something and wake up with the motivation to achieve it, whereas an adult, may dream something and wake up discouraged to attain it because the road ahead may seem to rough to travel. It is quite an interesting perspective of the adult mind vs a child’s mind and brought me to think, if everyone thought and moved like there were no limitations or boundaries in life to achieve a goal, then maybe, that goal would be much more easily attained. Your mind sometimes forms its own road blocks for you without there actually even being any insight. Fear is the “Don Dada” of all road blocks. A child is afraid of the dark and monsters in the closet, but not afraid to learn a new sport, take on a new challenge, or even speak up for his/her own self UNTIL the fear of failure is introduced. If you ever fell off a bike or did not come in first place in a race you have definitely been introduced to failure as a child. Have you ever noticed in those moments of adversity, that child usually dusts his/her self off and gets back on that bike or challenges his/her opponent to a re-race? That resilience and need to keep going is something we are born with, usually altered and broken down through the twists and turns of life but it is still there! I challenge us all to tap back into our fearless youthful minds .Now lets repeat together; I can achieve one goal at a time, but fear cannot and will not be a defining factor in my life. Ashe!

As I dive into the last remaining months of the year and focus and fine tooth the million and one things I have on my never ending list of things to do, I promise to keep my mind youthful and fearless through it all and cannot wait to reap all of the benefits of my courageous hard work!

#WalkByFaithNotBySight #Imagination #Dream

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