Coping Cooper

I hear a lot..that I should cry. Let it out. Crying helps you release and let go. Apparently, it is a great coping mechanism.  Cope is defined as  how a person can deal effectively with something difficult. How exactly can you deal with something effectively? And who is to judge that a person is effective with dealing with anything? Deep. I Know. Well here at the Korner, we are a “coping judgement” free zone. I know some people that cry at the drop of a hat and I know some that can literally have everything under the sun thrown at them and never bend (me). Every one is different. That  does not mean, that the pain or emotion we are coping from does not feel the same.

Strength can be measured by so much, as the same with weakness. Coping to me is realizing you have something you have to deal with. Realization is that first step. Next, distinguishing healthy coping mechanisms. We all know how easy it is to fall victim to negative coping mechanisms, but if we can refer back to that first step of realization, take that moment, reboot and find something else.

It is 2019 and Mental Health in the Black Community is finally at the forefront. Men are crying, women are speaking up and we are collaborating and talking to each other. This is coping. I am so proud of the work of all mental health warriors in the community including and not limited to: Parents, Teachers, Social Workers, Light Workers, GodParents, Friends and everyone else under the sun who takes the time to realize that someone somewhere needs a shoulder to lean on.

This journey through life is not easy and it shows no signs of  slowing down as time progresses. Fine-toothing, embracing and cultivating your coping mechanism on a daily basis is key for staying on top of it all.

#CopingCooper #MentalHealth #Mechanisms #Health


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