BalanceBeam Betty

Balance…something that we learn as we grow. Starting off as a newborn barely able to hold up its neck…to toddlers taking those first shaky steps…to getting those training wheels taking off of your bike….to throwing on your first pair of high heels for your best friends sweet 16. Balance has been playing a major role in your own development without one evening noticing. Just like a seesaw in a playground, what one side goes up, the other goes down. It takes great skill, focus, and drive by both parties to keep that sea saw leveled. Why do you think ? Like with everything in life, having the right level of balance and consistency is the only way to truly be successful in every thing you do. Easier said than done of course. Currently, I am trying to figure out how to balance my personal and professional careers along with the other never ending roles that life happens to throw my way. It isn’t easy. Taking the moment and realizing that before that sea saw hits the ground, you have the power to keep it leveled.  Self care always seems to get me back on track whenever I feel overwhelmed. Whether it be 10 minutes of meditation or a hot bath, the only way to wrap your head around the million and one things you have to do is to first breathe..take that moment for yourself and start.
Finding consistency in a realistic schedule that also works for you is also key to keeping life leveled. I am still working on that, as at times, I find myself scheduling more things to do then what time actually allows.

No one said “Adulting” would be easy, but I do know once you find control, balance, and a clear sense of purpose, everything else falls right into place. Motivate yourself to keep pushing, even on the days you feel like you can never rise up on that sea-saw again. Remember those are temporary feelings, take your time, breathe and level up!

#BalanceBeamBetty #SeaSawSally #LevelUp



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