Ola’s Outlet’s

Outlet’s…What do you do to release? Webster defines an Outlet (n): as a place or opening through which something is let out (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/outlet). Read…Watch a Movie…Dance…Meditate. All forms of self-care can be considered a major positive outlet source in life. It is all about the release. Healthy release. It is easy to find unhealthy habits that can pose as outlets to whatever you may need escaping from. It is about finding the discernment to distinguish which outlet is best for you at the time.

Finding the right outlet source for yourself is a key component in healing and growing. I’ve learned that you will come across so many different methods of release in your life that no one form can ever be right. The point of it all..is to just find something that will help you to “let it go”.

I find myself at times straying away from the things/people that once served as a source of release in my life. Each smile and tear has helped mold and shape me  to become the person I am meant to be regardless of who is standing by my side. Whether it was growth or time that merged the wedge,(only God can answer that) I do know, that I changed with every event that has and will occur along this journey.

With each event, my outlet changed. Some people can use the same outlet through all walks of their lives and that is quite ok. From praying to yoga to a simple dinner date, all forms of positivity are welcomed to bring you back to where you need to be.

This thing called life is nothing short but easy, but learning to cope…finding that outlet…release…makes getting through each day that much more rewarding.

As the last month in the year begins abruptly, take the time to fine-tooth some of the outlets used in your life. Can you walk away feeling lighter in your burdens or heavier?

Healthy Outlets..Healthy Lifestyles…Healthy Mindset…Healthy Life.

Have a safe and pleasant holiday season to all my readers!

Looking forward to more light love and blessings to come, Namaste.

#OlasOutlets #Release #ChargeUp

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