Protected Petunia

The petunia flower is a unique, rare and beautiful plant found in South America. The Mayan and Incas believed that petunias have the power to chase away (with their odor) the underworld monsters and spirits. Their flower-beds were bunched together for magical drinks. According to the folklore, Petunias will thrive where there is positive energy and will not grow in places where there is negativity ( Fragile yet powerful, the Petunia has a distinct qualification that stands alone.

The fact that this plant thrives in a positive environment only shows just how compelling and important positive vibes are as an essential key to growing and fulfilling a life well lived. Talk about plant power :-).

I write often about staying steadfast and strong through life’s numerous ups and downs. Although it is easier said than done, like the petunia, I have noticed it is easier to GROW through each day staying positive, strong, and full of light at all times. Darkness has a way of presenting itself at any given moment. When you succumb to that energy, you do not grow. You do not live.

This is the first I have written since I wrote my own mothers’ obituary this past summer. Feeling blessed to sit behind my computer once again to continue to do what I love (write) is quite an accomplishment. I feel compelled to share with my readers the power of light. The power of love. I get up every day and push through with all that life throws at me. I push through because I choose to continue to grow.  I choose to continue to grow for my daughter and most importantly myself.
Continue to grow in light. Continue to grow in love readers and trust the process.

#ProtectedPetunia #TrustTheProcess #LightAlwaysWins #NoWeaponFormedAgainst #MEShallProsper

One thought on “Protected Petunia

  1. This is beautifully written, and the words are perfect, especially during this time – as I’m sure many are feeling confused in their own way, in their own “darkness,” and this blog reminds us that we are the exact light we seek.

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