Door To Door Pharmacy


Brooklyn! Are you looking for reliable, understanding, and impeccable pharmaceutical services tailored to assist you in all of your medical needs and wants? Look no further and make your way to Door To Door pharmacy located on 259 Troy Ave right in Brooklyn, NY.

Known for their fast and efficient FREE door to door delivery services, be ready to receive your shipment any and anywhere. Door To Door delivers to home, work or whatever location you would like. Now that’s what you call service!

The trusting staff are also willing to provide medical management services such as blood pressure screening and consultation services for FREE.

Visit for VIP access to online sign up where Healthcare professionals can also access the website to send your prescriptions directly to Door To Door and delivered right to you.

Vocal and active in the Brooklyn community, Kendi’s Korner recommends Door To Door Pharmacy for all of your pharmauctical needs from services as simple as filling of prescriptions to educational consults on important disease process management affecting the African American and Hispanic community.

Stop by today and tell them Kendi’s Korner sent ya! Happy Shopping !

Doors open Monday-Saturday from 10am-6pm EST.

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