Wavy Winola


Waves. Crashing. Loud. Beautiful. Just one of those fascinations in life I have always admired. A wave is a disturbance that transfers energy through matter or space (Wikipedia.com). Spiritually, emotionally, and physically, it is quite interesting to know that energy can be moved by so many different forms in life. How is your energy transferred? Are you the type to walk into a room and are easily intrigued by strangers? Or Do you walk in and people stray away? Your energy or vibe is something that was embedded in you from the time you arrived on this amazing planet. Like waves, physical movement amongst humans can be obtained as easily as a simple touch of the hand or as intense as sexual intercourse between two crazy in love individuals. I think it is important to understand your energy and the ways that you can transfer to another person consciously and subconsciously.

The Power Of Prayer.

The spiritual transfer of energy is something different. This is God’s love in a nutshell. Prayer is one of those unexplainable things that have the power to heal your soul and right away all wrongs. How? Let me tell you about when I talk to my God. He listens. Consistency is key in everything you do to benefit from anything you want to accomplish in life. But I promise you, once you have solidified your own spiritual routine, stick with it, the spiritual transfer of energy can and will be obtained. Its something I really can’t explain, but if you are looking for any type of peace in your life, a person needs to be intwine with their own beliefs and spiritual understanding of life. Prayers Up…Blessings (Positive Energy) Comes Raining Down.

Love vs Hate.

The feeling of love is an emotion that surpasses any other feeling in the world. Surprisingly, as much as this amazing feeling can be passed from one person to the next, the dark feeling of hate is just a hop and skip away. They don’t want you to keep sending LOVE, so what are we going to do? Keep sending LOVE! In my deepest DJ Khaled voice. Light is an energy that always wins. Although dark moments may come about in life, suppressing that hateful energy is the only way to ensure you aren’t passing it along to other people. Remember your vibe or energy introduces you before you even open your mouth.

The ocean symbolizes life for me. Each wave crashing against the shore is a different obstacle that is thrown your way.  Every waves specific size and strength depends on you. Depends on the energy you release to tackle that obstacle. You are the captain of your ship and are the slayer of all waves.  Some battles in life aren’t meant for you to fight. Ride the wave. Protect your peace. A calm ocean is a sweet ocean. Reflect, reload, and continue to push out positive energy only and watch all those waves in your life dissipate.

#RideTheWave #WaveSlayer #PVO #LOVE #Light

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