Fiery Franchesca

Fire…the element of surprise and danger. Hot and full of fury, fire has never been anything to mess with. Growing up, one of the first rules you learn from your parents is to not play with fire. “Stay away from the stove!” “Do not play with matches!” As you grow older, your parents’ anxiety of you being engulfed in flames by just the thought of touching the stove starts to dissipate, until the time comes when you are cooking Sunday dinner side by side with your mom.

I take this stroll down memory lane to showcase the fact that sometimes things that seem scary at first, but with guidance, it really isn’t scary at all.

A few weekends ago, I started my first outdoor fire. It was amazing. Growing up in the mean streets of Brooklyn, the closest I’ve ever come to starting a fire outside were with firecrackers on the 4th of July. I remember a childhood friend losing her 3rd finger on her left hand due to a firecracker when she was nine years old. She was white and right handed. Point taken, black people just did not mess with fire. Lol

Beyond ecstatic to even be in the presence of a real life fire pit, I knew from the start of the weekend it was destined to be “lit.” Prepared with marshmallows and sticks, I gathered around the bundle of lumber, and triggered my lighter. Baffled that the pit didn’t automatically engulf in flames, I prepared to strike again.

Then, I realized was time to bring in the reinforcements, my personal assistant – YouTube. After 45 minutes of patience and perseverance, and a few sprays of Henny, lo and behold the fire was started!

As marshmallows roasted, Cardi B anthems belted over the orange and red flickering of love into the sky, I took the moment to realize that this fire of fury wasn’t so difficult after all. Although it symbolized fury, at that moment, it symbolized the warmth of love and power of perseverance.

That fire burned throughout the night, and as it finally started to dim away, along with the adventures of the weekend, I thanked God for the opportunity of not giving up on a task that became difficult. I was a conqueror.

Sometimes you are sent signs in your lives and don’t even realize your playing right into them. Take a moment to realize every opportunity in your life. There is a lesson in every blessing. Even the smoldering ones.

#FiyahBun #MoreFiyah #FieryFranchesca

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