Women Of Wonder

Women have to be the most versatile, unique, strong, and motivated individuals on the Earth. Not only do we handle business, we do it while looking DAMN good. I am blessed to know so many amazing women that serve as a source of inspiration and power in my life. This International Women’s Day I want to shout out all the women in my life that push me to strive and be the best me possible. Thank you!

Thank you, to the elders that have shown me with perseverance and God, I can become anything I want to be. My grandmother is one of the most influential and powerful women that I know. Running her own YWCA in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, my grandmother found a way to provide free education and food to the children of her island. How did she do it? I am still trying to figure that out, but because she did I know that I can.

To the young women in my life who seems to juggle with ease being a mother, care-taker, run a business, feed their dreams and are an all-around superwoman, Thank you. Thank you for showing me that even on my hardest days, I can push forward and get things done. I would have never thought, at 30, the passion instilled in me would be a driving force in my life. I want to do so much in life, and I want to show my daughter that she can do anything she wants because she can. Women have the type of strength that can take them anywhere they want in life. I want to teach her that there is no obstacle that she cannot conquer. Shit may happen, its life, but it’s it’s about how you bounce back and that is what counts.

I have always been different. I think embracing who you are and all of your passions is a major key in understanding who you are as a woman. Life moves fast. Some how, us women seem to move just as fast if not faster.


Forever& Always

Happy Womens International Day 2018

#WomenRock #IssaWoman #GetItDone #Power

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