Untitled by: Jaedyn Jennings


I want to live a better life where I don’t have to be judged by skin color.

World peace is unattainable but we can try to understand each other.

There are two sides to every story but it’s different if you won’t listen.

You can say that you want equality but you act for division.  

All of the limitations I have to face; I can list them.

Rather than following leaders I am forced to follow the system.

I try to make a difference even if it’s just words on a page.

The system makes it so that I can not,

And as if I’m locked away in a cage.

I’m young but I’m already sick and tired of how we are treated.

Even if I wasn’t a slave, I still feel like I’m being beaten.

I’m young and people say I should only be worried on the latest trend.

But I’m also worried if I get pulled over in the future, it could be the end.

I’m turning 13 in a few months, maybe I can get an after school job,

But they’ll never call back,

They won’t think I’m responsible enough because I’m black.

They can’t separate us like a selection,

And since we can’t meet others expectations,

We aren’t perfection.

But you’re not better and that was the purpose of writing this letter.

I can’t even dream about investing in a future business.

Maybe it will be possible in a world where my existence isn’t considered an illness.

You may ask who am I referring to when i say “they” and “you”.

I can’t categorize all white people,

Only a few.

But the white supremacists would do it us because it seems “OK”.

I ignore it all even if there is plenty to say.

We have our own voices.

To make our own choices.

So we should stand up and show our joyfulness.

At the end, the fights, the protests, the killings,

were all purposeless because we are the same.

It all started with us not taking action… so remember we are all to blame.

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