Panther Power

This is our time. People are finally waking up. Caring. Understanding. Seeing. It may have taken a movie to ignite some passion in some individuals in our community but I am here for all of this. The term “woke” likes to be used in our culture as a reference to how sensitive and aware you are to what is happening to our people. How are you reacting towards it and what you are doing? To be “woke” has now become a thing to do, opposed to a few years ago, anyone talking the truth was looked at like they were crazy or being overly dramatic. Overly dramatic over the senseless murders of our own brothers and sisters. Overly dramatic about having our own communities taking from right under our noses. Yup..overly dramatic.

2018 has become the year of embracing our skin and celebrating our greatest achievements. I know for me, my personal goals this year will surpass everything I have ever done in the past. We are getting older and society is not going to make life any easier for us. Seeing how passionate, enthralled, and motivated our community has gotten definitely gives me the momentum to keep pushing because every positive goal I achieve brings the African-American community that much closer to unity, love, and empowerment.

This past weekend I treated my mom and daughter to the epic viewing of Marvels ‘The Black Panther’ that everyone across the country has been raving about. Although I was excited to see the action, I was more excited to show my daughter a movie filled with nothing but people that looked just like her.  My mom has never been a movie person as she fiddled with the 3-D glasses, but overall, they both enjoyed themselves and  I was happy to see a film leave an imprint regardless of the age of the viewer.

How did you feel about the Black Panther movie? What message did you take away? The Korner was enthralled by the message that coming together collectively as a unit is much bigger than receiving success as a single individual. Sharing our gifts and talents with each other is the only way we can build up as a society. We may not have the technology of Vibranium in our world, but I do believe we all encompass the heart of the Wakanda people and will be nothing short of unstoppable if we choose to flourish..together.



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