For The Love Of Polo

I know Valentine’s Day is usually used to showcase the love of your significant other, but this Valentine’s Day I wanted to highlight my best friend Polo.

I have been a DogMom for 8 years of the best experiences of my life. It’s really nothing like it. My dog has literally been through the ups and downs of my tender 20s and now has found his place as an OG in my heart as I embark on my 30s. From passing and failing Board Certified tests, breakups, happy moments, deaths, and adventures too many to name, Polo has always been by my side.

Never would I thought that I would be able to communicate and understand an animal but thanks to the language of love, Our bond really feels unbreakable.

Although this year I have not been eager to approach Valentine’s Day, when your 30 and single you rather celebrate groundhogs 😂🤣, but as optimistic as I am, I still planned to have an amazing day filled with celebrating love from beginning to end.

This year, my Feb 14 was hindered by panic as both of my babies grew ill. Now if you never owned a pet or do not have any compassion for animals then you might as well stop reading now, but for the ones that know the love of an animal…I know yal will feel me on this one.

My Polo, as mischievous as he is, managed to get a half-dollar coin sized piece of chicken bone stuck in his esophagus. Man listen, panic is an understatement. I legit saw his life flash right before my eyes and although he is now 10 and quite seasoned, I just couldn’t fathom him leaving my side. At least not yet. Besides that, how would I be able to break the news to my daughter? Throwing all negativity to the side and pushing the power of prayer, Polo is currently recovering from surgery that I didn’t even think he would of survived! Although he isn’t home yet (God willing by this evening) I feel so blessed and happy to be able to even experience this type of love in my life.

Still open for a miracle in my own love life but not stressing it at all because I know the love and loyalty I receive from my dog will be forever instilled in my heart.

#NoBetterLove #GetWellSoonPolo #LoveLikeNoOther #WhenUr10

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