Peers, Cheers, & Volunteers

Everyone Meet Malik. A stubborn, rumbustious, and quite misunderstood little boy who finds himself questioning any and everyone in his life. After being abandoned by his mother and being raised by his dad, Malik finds a hard time  with building trust with his counterparts until the day he is introduced to a group of volunteers that visit his class and introduces him to a new view of life.

In a league of its own, Peers, Cheers, and Volunteers takes you on Malik’s journey of understanding how volunteering in the community can affect people in a positive and fullfilling way. “Its Not How Much We Give, But How Much Love We Put Into Given”- Mother Teresa

Located on and available for purchase through the author, Danielle M. Chery, Peers, Cheers and Volunteers only cost $9.99 and can be inspiring your little one to make a difference in the community if you act fast, today!

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