Observant Olivia

Its 2018! Happy New Year &  Peace and Blessings to all KendisKorner Reader’s. 🙂 This is a new start. Time is moving extremely fast, but in the same instance, taking its own time. New planners should be cracked open and are being filled up with wonderous ideas and dates. Vacation and time off requests are starting to be submitted for the year.  It’s a dope feeling. As much as it does feel good to embark on a fresh start or goal in life, the anxiety and stress of achieving that goal is just the beginning.

This year I have a few goals in place and have already started working towards them subconsciously. It’s an amazing feeling to actually see your words (goals) come to life and also gives you the ammunition to keep trucking and achieving. I guess it’s not always about how fast you get to the finish line. It’s about you congratulating yourself for completing the marathon that you worked so hard to train for. Key word being “worked”. Nothing worth fighting for is easy to be obtained, but if you can Overstand that “To whom much is given, much is required”..trust me when I tell you..it makes the journey all worth the while.

Fortunately, I have someone observing my every move and because I want her to mimic nothing but the best. I. Have. To. Show. Out! All a Leo needs is an audience…doesn’t hurt that her biggest fan just happens to be her offspring. lol

#Roar #2018 #BeAboutIT #MiniKe #ObservantOprah #2018

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