Successful Sarah

First..Of..All..everyone has their own definition of success. Whether it is passing an exam or reaching a fitness goal, success is one of those achievements that really has no limit or barrier. How do you define success? Are you the type to give yourself praise once completing a simple project? Or the type to wait until you have mastered the most complex of all complex jobs before giving yourself a pat on the back?  I feel all forms of success should be celebrated. I celebrate everything I do. If you took the initiative to get something done then you are already successful. People get so caught up into celebrating their accomplishments made at the end of the road that they forget to toast to the hard work it took to stay on the journey. Trust the process and trust yourself.

Success also is not one of those things that can be achieved over night. Every successful person will tell you that their journey was not an easy one. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. So if you are NOT exhausted…drained…ready to quit…anxious…or warn out by the end of the day, more than likely that means success is not as close as you may think.

Learning to work smarter opposed to working harder is a great tip I have learned over the years. Working smarter can just mean you are being more intentional with your time. I speak of time often because, believe it or not, it is that one common factor that can make or break you. How you use your time is always the defining component about how successful you can be.

Because no journey is easy, I do not expect you to automatically become consumed in a goal. But. I do want you to take away that no matter what the obstacle is that you may face, everyone has the option of becoming successful in life. Like our kindergarten teachers would say “You  Can Do Anything You Put Your Mind To”.

Push yourself to make those dreams a reality because at the end of the day, no one is going to want you to be successful more than yourself.

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