Killa’s Kid

There is nothing like it in this world. A Dad’s love for his little girl. Its one thing all girl’s who have had a substantial force in their life such as a father can attest to. There really is nothing like it. The security..the warmth..the strength. My Dad was far from perfect but his love for me was beyond extraordinary. There wasn’t a mountain too high or valley too low, whatever I wanted or needed was made available to me because he made it happen.

Like most men, my dad had his downfalls. In a world full of poisons to choose from, my dad, chose alcohol.  As a little girl I nicknamed him Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. On Saturday’s when he went to his favorite hang out spot, an Aunt’s basement in Brooklyn NY, where it was a regular for Vincentian’s to reconnect, hang out, play cards and of course drink, he would leave as Dr. Jeckyll and come back home as Mr. Hyde. Nevertheless, whatever hat he wore on that day, it never took away from the love that he had for me and showed me day-to-day.

I remember ice-skating in Prospect Park. I actually received a pair of ice skates that year for Christmas. Shout-outs to my parents. What little black girl in Flatbush gets real life ice skates with the matching Barbie doll? ME! 🙂 I remember constantly being told I was loved. Everyday. Around the clock. I remember bike rides, ice cream dates, statue of liberty trips and our endless summer vacations together where we returned to his beautiful home in the Caribbean,  St. Vincent.

During one of our last trips together, he took me around the town and we probably went to every “rum shop” we could find. Everyone knew my dad. There was always loud laughter, big smiles and endless stories to share. We ended our tour that day on the beach, where we sat and talked for what felt like hours. He loved that little island so much and I can say at 30 years old I totally understand why and love it just as much.

Now as I venture into parenthood with my own little offspring, I plan to give her exactly what was given to me. We start our day with I Love You and end our night with the same sentiments, thanks to my Dad.

I can no way, in any shape, or form ever walk in her own father’s absent footsteps or her late grandfathers. My plan is to walk in my own footsteps as her mother, equipped with all the blessings and lessons an amazing man instilled in me.

Happy Birthday Daddy! As we celebrate your life and accomplishments today, please continue to send those blessings and watch over us as you have been.

With Love,

Your BabyGirl

#LoveLikeNoOther #DaddysGirlForLife #KillasKid

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