Perceptual Paula

Perception..immediate or intuitive recognition. Like looking in a mirror, staring at your own reflection. What do you see? The act of perceiving can be interpreted in so many ways and it doesn’t even matter if we are all looking at the same object.  Besides the vast difference in sight among different people, sometimes, I feel if people were looking from the same pair of eyeballs, they would still view things the way that they want to see it.

I’m sure you have attempted to solve a puzzle or riddle using your God giving tools of perception without even knowing it. Remember that wedding dress debate a few years ago? Was the dress gold and white or blue and black? Hmm.. Well, scientist have concluded that this visual confusion can be blamed on something called color constancy, which attempts to make colors appear consistent under varying types of illumination, as being responsible for the different colors identified in the photograph ( Interesting indeed! ( I saw gold and white FYI).

Sometimes perception has more to do with your own thoughts and feelings then what is actually visibly right in front of you. For example, a beautiful woman may walk into a room, clearly causing everyone to stare. Now, as everyone stares at the same woman, you would think everyone in the room would have the same thought. Nope, one person is critiquing her hair, another her dress, another may be complimenting her make up, but there is never an unanimous agreement that this woman is beautiful. Period. Why?

Society has a way of altering people’s perception of certain things. If you are strong enough to go against the current of the societal norms, you too will be able to “see for yourself” everything the world may have to show. Standing up for what you see and believe in is never easy, but it is necessary, if you ever want to see past the bullshit (excuse my French).

Start seeing things for what they are and not what you want them to be. There are so many illusions and false impressions in the world. Your sight and perception is a great starting point to your peace and happiness. Like that cup half full or half empty analogy. Its all about how you see it! And here on the Korner, our cup runneth over!!


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