Bee Sting Bailey

Have you ever been stung by a bee? That initial fear of death and pain hits you like no tomorrow.  Did you know that with every bee sting, the stinger is torn off and left in your skin. The bee literally leaves a piece of his ass in you. Another shocking fact, female bees are the only bees that actually sting (! Are you shocked? I am most definitely not. Men don’t have time or care to sting anything!

It is a painful experience. I cannot deny that.

With that being said, life sometimes throws a million and one bee stings your way at once, leaving behind that stinger as a nice memory of that traumatic event you just went through. Now your reaction to the event and pain is what really shows character. Regardless, if you decide to perform your own surgery or have someone assist you with removing the stinger. Once that is are already passed the halfway mark. Treatment focuses on pain management and reducing any inflammation at the site since swelling and itching can persist for about a week (Yes I am a Registered Nurse).

Bee stings are one of those events in life that takes 0.5 seconds to happen but takes about a week to get rid of the pain.  As with a lot of things that happen in our lives, it’s about how you deal with the after effects of the sting that makes you triumphant over the attack.

Shit bee stings…I have realized my reaction to those stings in my life have changed drastically. I don’t know anyone that gets more “life stings” than me lol..but I also don’t know no anyone that gets through each one, with head held high, band-aid on deck, and even more momentum to get through the next one that gets thrown my way.  Sometimes it’s not about getting stung..its about how you sting back!
#HopeThatDidntGoOverYourHead #StingBack #BeezInDaTrap #BeeBiggerThanYourSting


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