Nailed It Natalie

This weekend I caught a flat. Living in New York City, every driver knows that once the winter months roll around, more than likely your tire air pressure will drop. This causes you to refill with a sufficient amount of air at a local gas station to get you back going safely. So, I did just that. Only to find within a few hours my tire pressure had decreased drastically again. Hmm..what could be hindering me from getting from Point A to B? Was my car trying to send me an S.O.S.?

After pondering all of the “what ifs” in the world, I finally proceeded to have my tire evaluated by a tire specialist a.k.a. the Old Jamaican man at the tire shop around the corner and alas…the mystery is solved. I had a nail in my tire.  As I stared at my paralyzed tire on the side of the road, deactivated by this little silver point, I realized that it really did not matter how big or strong you feel you are, everyone has a weak point in their lives.

A tire is an advanced engineering product made of a lot more than rubber. Fiber, textile, and steel cord are just some of the components that go into the tire’s inner liner, body plies, bead assembly, belts, sidewalls, and tread ( Whereas, a nail, is usually made of steel but can also be made of stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum, or bronze (  So although this huge, tough, tire is built to handle just about anything (weather, rough terrain), it  is mind-boggling to know that it was still able to become disassembled by a 1 inch silver spec left in the middle of the street.

No one is too big…too smart…too anything to become disassembled in life. I think the biggest lesson I did learn is that although some things in life are thrown at you to slow you down, take the time to actually slow down, refocus, and get back on track. Nothing is every permanent and dwelling on the temporary incidences in life wont make anything any better.

My tire was patched up and I was back on the road in no time..but with a little more sense of clarity in this thing called life. Slow down when you are sent speed bumps. Sometimes they’re sent for a reason, other times they are sent because New York Streets are nothing more but war zones with traffic signals. It Is…What It Is.

#DriveSafely #NYCDriver #NailedItNatalie #PatchedUpPolly

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