Egotistical Eugene

The human mind is automatically trained to think and to do things based off of ones own need or feeling. It’s natural for a person to get something to eat because they are hungry. It’s second nature to laugh at a funny joke. And sometimes, like an itch that needs to be scratched, a person sometimes feels envy when viewing someone who may be  or even may look to be in a slightly better predicament than themselves.

Egoism or self-admiration can be used interchangeably in any context possible. Someone’s ego is a sense of their own worth. Ego is what a person sees when they look into the mirror and also the person they compete with day in and day out. The biggest competition you will ever have in life is with yourself. Some people use their ego and compare or compete with other people because their own ego may be threatened in a way.  It is like an automatic trigger that sometimes can’t be helped.  In one of my favorite, most relatable TV show’s out, Insecure, a black professional woman, Molly finds out that her white male coworker is making a substantial amount of money more than her in salary even though she does the same, if not, more efficient work than he does.

When she finds this information out, her immediate goal is to get to the bottom of this and request a raise because her “ego” could not bear to know that this was her reality at work right now. Now although there were other factors that circled around this issue (sexism, racism, gender inequalities), it still doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this woman’s ego has been crushed  which caused her to immediatley want to try to make matters right with her employer.

There are so many examples I can speak of in regards to how ego can show its face even in the most humblest of people’s lives. It’s a natural instinct. Not to say that it is ok to react based on egotistical feelings. Sometimes you can take those feelings, reflect, and build on them.

If its something you can change, improve, or work on, like Molly, then go for it. Although she knew this was an unfair work situation, she still saw it as an opportunity to build herself up, get to know the “boys” at work and do what she had to do to fit in and get what she felt she deserved.

If it is something or someone you are envying, and building up rage and anger because you can’t get to the honey pot yourself. Please Get Your Life. The world is filled with a whole bunch of  “mad” people who are too busy turning their nose up at people doing what they have to do in their lives and not doing a damn thing in their own.  Actions always speak louder than words and if there is something in your life you do not like or want to change, you are the only person that can change it. Envying the next person isn’t changing anything in your current situation..remember that.

Although Ego can help get you on your A game and serve as motivation and fuel to get you where you want to be, it can also build a wedge in people’s lives and/or relationships. I know first hand people who have ended relationships with other people based solely on just being mad at them for walking in their path and in their own shoes.

It sucks, when you think about it. In the same breath, maybe your ego doesn’t need those type of people who aren’t able to handle your aura anyway. Remember your ego is a reflection of yourself. If you are already in competition with it, how can you still have a relationship with someone else who is doing the same? Yal just running the same race in your own life or na? (S/B the Tortoise always wins).

Kendi’sKorner’s best Ego Keep Safe Advice: Protect your space and your peace. Be careful who you let in and understand that as you grow, your ego or self-image will grow as well. Your spirit should only be allowing in energy’s that understand and celebrate that.. ONLY!

#PositiveEgosOnly #EgoLover #EgoOvaEverything #InsecureisLITAF

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