Thirty..the milestone that makes you look at 21 like..And I thought you were a big deal? It. Is. Lit. As each birthday approaches most reflect on everything that has been done to get to this point. Some look at where they are going next. At some point, you have to take a look at where you are right now in this God given moment. Are you happy?

Do you know that 30 years  is equivalent to 10,950 calendar years. So that is over 10k worth of mornings and nights. Over 10k days worth of chances and opportunities. To think that you’ve lived over 10k days of your life is a blessing in itself. Thank God for bringing me this far in life.

I look back and can’t believe how much I have grown over those 10k days. My goals have changed immensely and I have a whole new outlook on life. I have a sense of clarity in my health, spirituality, friendships and love life. I know exactly what I want for myself and will not settle or stop until I successfully reach all goals. As I start my 30th year of life I vow to try to put my best foot forward. I can’t take back any of the days that have past but do use each lesson that was learnt to help guide all my future choices and decisions.

I am so eager and excited to reach this milestone. I have come a long way. With a beautiful daughter..promising career..dope ass hobby..and love all around me, there is nothing that can come in my way!   Blessed to be able to share this birthday with loving friends and family this year and can’t wait to see how much more of this GlowUp will entail.  They say 30 is the new 20..great news since I so need to do my 20s over. #GrownWoman #BlackDontCrack #Issa30YearOld #1987

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