When blessed with the opportunity to create a new human being..the first thing that runs through a new parents mind is..Wow. This is a task that you have been hand selected to carry out. To grow, nurture, and love the offspring that was produced out of an act of love is not only a God-given duty, but also a responsibility that not everyone can master.

When defining birth, this particular definition stood out. Birth (n)- lineage, extraction, descent. That’s some deep shit.

Lineage- When forming a line there is always someone in front and behind. The parent, being the line leader, has the ability to steer and direct the journey the follower (child) will take in life. You are the captain and have the power to shape this human being to dream to want to be and do  than anything in life. You have the power to mold them to be bigger than you. It’s a task that definitely  shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Extraction- Like pulling a tooth, rooted in the gum, child-birth hurts. It’s the symbolic action of literally pushing, and in most instances, pulling the offspring from a mother and bringing forth into the world life. Every mother has a unique story of each child delivered into this world. Those stories stand as the beginning of the journey to come and is nothing short of a miracle.

Descent- rooting from the word descendant meaning nothing more than your kin, your offspring, your creation,  your child. This is your legacy. Nothing in the world will ever be able to change that fact. This is the chance for the parent to make right in all the wrongs that life may have thrown their way. For most, having a child is a life changing moment and sets priorities in life that never once were instilled. Such priorities that my main man Jay Z shed some light on in his recent album 4:44. Kendi’s Korner’s favorite track on the classic album- Legacy.

Jay speaks of generational wealth and understanding that how we raise our children is the key to all future successes and triumphs in life. We are born to get old. We work to pay bills. How do you want to remembered when you are gone? Or better yet, what have you left behind for your children to continue your legacy?

Life has new meaning when you become a parent and there are a million new goals to accomplish. Take your time. Think smart. Time to get to work. It’s a legacy to be made.

Legacy..Legacy..Legacy..Legacy Black Excellence Baby..You Gon Let Em See ❤


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