Beyond Beautiful

They say Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder, but what makes something or someone beautiful to you? The classic tale of Beauty and the Beast shares insight on how important inner beauty is in life. Beauty was able to see past Beasts’ scary and beast like demeanor and fell in love with what was inside, his beautiful heart and soul.

Not everyone has it in them to move like Beauty though. It takes A LOT for the average human to look beyond the exterior and see someone for much more than what they actually look like. I, myself, has never really had a type (this could ultimately be my downfall in relationships LMAO). I always see a person for so much more than what they see in themselves. Definitely a good and a bad thing. Doesn’t matter how much you see greatness in someone, if they cannot see it for themselves, it will be a waste of time and energy for you.

In this generation, the beauty standard has leveled up like never before. It was once a time where plastic and reconstructive surgery was only sought out and done by Hollywood’s elite and wealthy. Fast forward to today,  body work is trending more than the new fidget spinners on a hot Summer day.

Regardless, if someone has reconstructive surgery to boost their own self-esteem or just to glow up and get some needed spotlight, it is all done in the name of beauty.  Learning to love yourself is a life long battle and I definitely do not knock anyone that will take the ultimate step of going under the knife to achieve that goal. It just makes you think of how major the price of beauty really is to people.

There are so many beautiful people with ugly souls in this world and on the flip side so many not so attractive people with the most beautiful hearts. Why, as a society, are we attracted to the basic standard of beauty before actually learning and seeing a person for the beauty that they hold within?

As the pursuit for happiness continues in everyone’s life I do pray that the beauty that you are searching for is found and/or the beauty that you have already encompassed is finally truly embraced. Do not be conformed to the standards of what society says beauty is because at the end of the day, how you perceive yourself is ideally all that matters in life. ❤


#InnerBeauty #SkinDeep #SoulDeep #LoveYourself #OrNobodyWill

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