Nicki Spice- Trichologist

Ever heard of Trichology? Well Korner readers, prepare to be enlightened! Welcome Ms. Nicki Spice, Cosmetologist, Entrepreneur, Trichologist and all around Go Getter. Now Trichology is the medical and cosmetic study of  the hair and scalp. So to sum it up, Ms. Spice is The Black Hair Doctor. Hair dresser like no other, Kendi’s Korner has never met an individual more focused and willing to provide exceptional hair care to benefit each client at a holistic approach. Her goal is to not only make you look and feel good about yourself but to also treat any underlying disorders that may be hindering behind the follicle. Ms. Spice currently is enrolled in the National Trichology Hair Institute in HotLanta and is scheduled to graduate this coming October. (#BlackGirlMagic)
Ms. Spice states what motivated her to look beyond the scalp was the urge to want to assist and treat people who experience significant hair loss. With family members and friends experiencing such disorders as alopecia and cancer treatments like chemotherapy which cause significant hair loss; people rarely ever take into account how someones physical attributes can actually affect their mental psyche and overall healing.

Along with saving the hair world one strand at a time, Ms. Spice is a mother of a beautiful and bright 7-year-old daughter. Kendi’s Korner asked how does she juggle being a mom, student, and full-time stylist, Ms. Spice states, “Being a mom is an everyday learning transition. I leave it to God, and I know what I have to do so I do it. My strength comes from knowing that I am taking care of my own and providing for what she needs and more.”

Ms. Spice stays busy with several different projects, as she is sought out as the lead hair stylist for hair companies and salons across NYC. Ms. Spice plans to relocate internationally in 2018 to Paris where her expertise is constantly being requested and she also plans to open up her own salon in the near future in NYC. You can currently catch Ms. Spice working at the lux and luxurious  Salon 921 in Brooklyn, NY.

Ms. Spice likes to leave readers with this advice. You get what you pay for. Quality and excellent hair care is not cheap. In the hair care industry the competition is extremely high, but it is rare that you find a stylist that actually cares about your hair along with making sure you leave the salon looking good. Invest in yourself and you will be surprised the benefits that will come out of it.

Kendi’s Korner salutes The Black Hair Doctor for bringing attention to a world that people merely sweep under a rug, or under a wig (if you catch my drift).

#BlackGirlHairCare #Trichology #DeeperThanRoots #NickiSpice #MayMayhem

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