The Humble Studd

As #MayMayhem proceeds.. the Korner is proud to present.. Mr. Justin Bright..better known as the Humble Studd. Repping BK To The Fullest, this young man is making his name known in NYC not only as a budding entrepreneur but also as a Humble man just trying to make a difference in the community. So if you are not familiar, Mr. Bright is most commonly known for his Humble Development basketball league which helps athletes of all ages increase their full potential in basketball. The training techniques and skill development taught in the league have been known to improve athletes abilities on the court tremendously. When the Korner asked what motivated him to start the company, Mr. Bright states “I am just doing Gods work. When I pray I always tell God to use me to bless others, and He is doing just that.”

Mr. Bright’s basketball love started around the age of 12 where he attended St. Johns Recreation summer camp in Brooklyn, NY.  At 15, he started training and practicing at the Bedford YMCA. His basketball career really took off after being transferred to Park West High school where he was pushed to pursue his education along with his steady growing basketball skills by his coach and then finally finding his niche with the very popular PSAL in NYC.

The Korner had to ask why the “Humble” theme and what being Humble meant to him. “Being Humble means that you know your worth and how good you are but still have respect for others.  Never feeling like you are better than any other human on this planet, and understanding that you have a gift from God that needs to be protected with love and respect. Having a pure heart can take you a long way, but also increases a lot of good Karma!”

In 5 years, Mr. Bright sees Humble Development being a huge training company not only limited to basketball players but for all sports. He plans to expand to atleast 3 more states across the country within the next few years.

Kendi’s Korner was intrigued to showcase this young mans attributes to society because like he says he is just using his gifts from God to help others. Athletes across Brooklyn have raved about the Humble Development movement as his work speaks for itself. Humble Development has even branched off into  showcasing some dope work out gear and he even has hosted a few fitness work outs in the community. Kendi’s Korner can already tell this is only the beginning!

And the million dollar answer for all the Korner female readers..Yes He is Single! 🙂

We commend this man and wish him nothing but success for the future. “The Humble Shall See This, And Be Glad: And Your Heart Shall Live That Seek God”-Psalms 69:32

#MayMayhem #HumbleDevelopment #GodsWork #Brooklyn #BlackBoyJoy #BlackBoyMagic

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