Positively Perfect

Hailing out of  Virgina, Korner readers, please give a warm welcome to Mr. Ron Alston Jr.  At the tender age of 28, this man is a proud program director at the YMCA, personal trainer, basketball coach and creator of the DFG movement brand and Facebook page. Along with his extensive and impressive resume, Mr. Alston is also a proud Dad to a beautiful 4-year-old daughter named Aliya.

Now if you are not from Virginia and feel you have seen this young man’s face before, it’s probably because you have! He has shared a beautiful video on his Facebook page of himself and his daughter doing their usual morning self-love inspirational talk to themselves in the mirror. ” I am strong! I am smart! I am beautiful” are just some of the daily affirmations this Dad instills to his daughter everyday. The video has climbed to an impressive amount of views, to date approximately 140 million, and has even drawn attention from TV shows eager to feature the dynamic duo such as Ellen, Dr. Oz, and The Real! COOL Right!!

Ron feels it is incredibly important to remind his family and especially his daughter that self-love is the best love. “At the end of the day, no matter what has happened, good or bad, or what front you may put on the world for everyone, you have to come home to you. It is incredibly important to train yourself to love you regardless if things are going great or in times of adversity. You are able to offer much more to others and the world when you truly love the skin and mental state you are in.” Kendi’s Korner could not agree any more. ❤

As far as future projects, Ron feels he is taking each day as it comes and is committed to staying positive day in and out.

Kendi’s Korner had to ask what advice he had for men who are struggling to stay positive in a world filled with negativity. ” My advice for men who are struggling to stay positive is to look at your circle of influence and begin to surround yourself with people who align with your goals and mindset.” He stresses that if you stay around negative people or take in negativity on a daily basis you will slowly begin to manifest it into your mind.

Practice what you preach.

Start to practice positivity in your life little by little. This can easily be done by refraining from sharing anything negative into the world, like instead of sharing fights or arguments on Facebook, share positive and uplifting stories.  Writing down all the good thing that have happened in your day is another good way of practicing positivity and even treating yourself to dinner when you complete a task can also be a great way to make yourself smile. You will be surprised how that little change in your life and attitude can affect you or someone elses whole day and/or mood.

“Positivity is a skill that is practiced, and so is negativity. We become what we continuously do. Our mind begins to believe what we continuously say” That is why POSITIVE VIBES ONLY is one of the main keys to success.

Kendi’s Korner salutes this young black man for being a remarkable and positive leader in his community and commend his hard work and positive outlook on life. Mental health in the black community is a major issue that is swept under the rug. We are happy to showcase a positive, vital, and instilling young man on the Korner! Check out his DFG Movement page on facebook for more positivity every day!


#PositiveVybezOnly #Viral #BlackBoyMagic


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