Mother On A Mission

Ms. Moya Butler or you may know her as Lola (if ya nasty) is a vivacious Jamaican Queen who is a 30-something mother of 4 (Bitch Where? Yes I know), Oncology RN, and a non-stop GoGetter repping Brooklyn, NY.

This Mother’s Day, Kendis Korner is showcasing a Mother On A Mission (M.O.A.M..we should copyright that), someone I’ve always admired not only professionally but personally as well.

When this RN is not fighting cancer with her patients by providing exceptional nursing care, she is patenting ideas and also trying to make life a little more easier for the Black Woman. Ever heard of WigFix? Hmm.. Well wigs have been worn by Black Woman for centuries, but over the past few years, the younger generation has started exploring wig usage at a higher rate as it was deemed a protective hairstyle in our community.

Now wigs have leveled up over the years and stylist can even customize units to accommodate individuals exact head shape and size. “Custom units are extensions made simple for you to wear, different types will help you achieve whatever hair goal you desire.” Sometimes, there is a small percentage of individuals whose heads may be too big or too small to fit the universal dome cap which is primarily used to create these custom units. This was Moya’s circumstance. WigFix ( was born when she found the perfect cap to finally fit her small dome and created a kit that included the wig cap with different size variances, the wigstand to rest your beauty piece,  T-pins, and wig combs.  The Essential Box aka Starter Box is $34.99 and the Refresher Box is $24.99.  Intrigued and also flabbergasted at the idea of someone else having tiny head circumference issues as well, Kendi’s Korner feels this unique product is definitely something that will be essential in the Black Womans Home.

Now although “WigFixing” is a new hustle for her, her main hustle, nursing, started at the tender age of 22. Beginning in the med surg unit of a hospital, than branching off to the wonderful world of travel nursing. Travel nursing is this amazing employment option in the nursing world where you are assigned a job at an establishment in whatever country or state you like (cool huh) for a contracted amount of time. Ms. Butler jumped to the opportunity, took her first med/surg oncology assignment and found her nitch with treating cancer patients. Moya states that nursing is definitley  her passion, she has always had a calling for it but finds herself passionate about a lot of things these days. ” Being a mother and seeing the world, how innocent your child is, and knowing the ugliness it has to offer them, gives you super powers that makes you want to do everything possible to make some sort of change either in their world, or their immediate surroundings. ” Moya feels her passion now is to show her children that anything is possible once you put your mind to it, and she plans on showing them that by doing it. Besides actions do speak louder than words, right?

To end this Mothers Day exclusive off just right, Kendi’s Korner asked Moya what her advice would be for the reader who is a mom and  feels like that is all she will ever be. “You are right!, Being a mom is all that you will ever need to be! One thing we do not acknowledge is that we are the fruit of our nation, no one person would be alive today if it wasnt for their mother. Motherhood kicks who you want to be in full drive, good or bad. Keep your choices, clean, true and grounded in your beliefs and being a mother is all you’ll need to be. Being a mother is not self-limiting, its self- rising!”


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