Breezy Brenda

What happens when you open a window in a room with the door open? You instantly feel a burst of spring breeze hitting your face like a bright Sunday morning. Why is it when you open a window in a closed room the opposite occurs? Probably because that beloved breeze you are awaiting is being blocked/stopped by that door. This analogy was brought to you by the fine people over at Kendi’s Korner who kindly hope that that just did not go over your head.  🙂

Human beings move like the wind in this wonderful place called Earth. We push through day by day getting from point A to B while staying in constant motion. The doors that sometimes close in our lives are just temporary reminders of the need to slow down. Stop. Reapproach and find another way around.

The significance of knowing that the breeze flows faster and without restriction in a room with a open window symbolizes that there is always a second route or always a back up plan to ensure that Point B is reached.  Unfortunately, life is filled with doors. Doors that are  constantly opening and closing in your life. I have summed it up that God has sent “the doors” to keep you away from someone or something that you probably did not need in your life right now anyway. We apparently have to accept the new found boundaries that may hinder our steady flow, learn from them and then eventually break them down to get right back on track.

Closed or locked doors symbolize restriction or limitations in life. With that being said, a closed door can only intimidate or deter a person who is not up for the option of opening it. Do you want to be the breeze flowing through the room with the closed window or open?

The Choice Is Yours

#Doors #OpenAndClose #Restrictions #MentallyBreakFree

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