Goal-Crushing Georgina

Its an amazing feeling to set a goal and achieve it. I know first hand. Goals can vary from being as little as making sure you work out in the day to as big as saving up for a new car.  All up to what you want to conquer in that moment of time. Now..the big hurdle is the actual work to make that goal a reality.

“They” dont want you to crush your goals. The “they” I refer to can be whatever obstacle that is stopping you from getting where you want to be. “They” can be the devil, enemies, foes, or friends. “They” can even be you. Yes, I said it. I say this because sometimes you can get in your own way of your happiness. Maybe it was a past mistake or a current lacadaisical moment in your life, regardless, sometimes the “they” is you.  :-X

So what do you do when you figure out you are your own “they”? Stop lol. Level up and learn and grow. Move forward and crush that goal. It shows growth and humility in a person to finally see their own faults in life..want to correct it..and still move on to live the live they could of only dreamed of.

Now the same way conquering a goal feels amazing, not achieving one feels just a tad bit different. Shit hurts, its disappointing and discouraging.  “Minor set backs for a major come back” should of been written in the Constitution! There is no American dream without a little work and elbow grease. In other words, nothing in life comes easy.

As much as you may want something to happen NOW..it will happen on its own time..God’s time.  Being patient and accepting that fact makes conquering the goal 10 times more rewarding. Promise 🙂

#GoalCrusher #GoalDigger #GoalsRLife #FallDown #GetBacUp #Life


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