Stay In Your Lane Lucy!

My life completely changed the year I was awarded my driver’s license. Beyond excited and so ready to conquer this world on the road nothing could stop me from feeling like I was worth a million bucks. As I watched my father, with panic and fear in his eyes, as I jumped up and down screaming I passed…it hit me… this was another level in life that I have conquered. I was growing up and becoming completely unstoppable!

Fast forward a few years, cars, and tickets later…lol. The jumping has seized -_-. I am officially a seasoned NY driver. Road Rage Rebel and Parallel Parking Pimpin’ is what they call me. Becoming a driver and learning to manage the responsibility of owning and maintaining a car has taught me a lot.

Some pointers:

  • Doesn’t matter how fast you want or need to go somewhere. Traffic will be there to slow you down and remind you that these streets are not only your own. BE PATIENT.
  • Your car may not be the newest, cleanest, or fastest but it is your responsibility and only yours. Envying someone else’s new BMW in the lane next to yours is not going to change the emblem of the steering wheel in front of you. You better drive that Kia with your head held high. Don’t belittle yourself by comparing. STAY HUMBLE.
  • Everyone is traveling in their own lane. Regardless if it’s the HOV or “slow lane” everyone is going somewhere at their own speed and time. You will get to where you are going in due time. Switching lanes sometimes seems like the easiest and fastest route to take but it can also lead to accidents and short stops if it isn’t the lane for you. STAY IN YOUR LANE.
  • When the gas light turns on..get gas! How will you get where you are going if your car is stalled. How will you have energy to do anything if you are hungry? Remember to fuel yourself and your car to get going in life. You cannot get anywhere if you are out of commission. FUEL YOUR LIFE.
  • There is a reason the rearview mirror is so small and the windshield is so large. It is because the past is not as big as your future. Hope that didn’t go over your head! LEAVE THE PAST IN THE REARVIEW.

Driving is definitely a privilege and an advantage that should not be taken for granted. Anything that can take you from point A to B comfortably is a blessing regardless if it is a vehicle, situation, or goal. Just remember that as the driver, you are the one in control, holding the steering wheel. You are the only one in your own lane and your goals should be the only thing ahead of you. #StayThere #PointAtoB #InYourOwnLane #AtYourOwnTime

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