Worthy Wendy

Well..have you ever come to the Wonderful realization in your life When you finally realize your Worth? Where you finally glance in the mirror and see nothing but a Wide array of all of your hearts desires and Wonder if that significant other sees all of the Whimsical things about you that you see too? Sometimes as human beings, We settle. We accept. Why? Because knowing your Worth and actually Walking and living in it are two very different things.  We are all guilty of falling for someone who may not be on your level or may not have the same Well-positioned goals you may have planned out for your life. We say to ourselves..not everyone is perfect. It Will WORK! Lets just enjoy this Walk in the park..and then When it rains…We go running for the hills lol.

I am learning that sometimes its just best to Wait. Wait in your Wonderful Being. Wait and Just be Willing to take in all that comes your Way. The World is a huge place. Where everything your heart may Want or desire can be yours once you put the Work in. So With that being said Why settle?

Worthy Wendy..you are a Warm Hearted Wanderlust Who deserves to be Whirled & Twirled. You are a Winner and a World Class Whiz Kid Who Deserves the World and More!

Once that Wisdom is Wired into your brain you’ll be Wounderously surprised how much of an impact it will have on your life and the Way you view yourself. Stay Worthy Wendy..Only Way to Be ❤

#Worthy #WordsWithW’s #ChallengeCompleted

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