Have you ever gotten to the point where you just do not want to feel anything anymore? Feel hurt, anger, pain, disappointment.. if we could just turn off “feelings” all together I swear it would make a world of a difference. Being numb to the bullshit..all types from work to relationships is definitely a defense mechanism that has been built up over years and years of fucks given. Wearing the “I Give No Fucks” Mask can either be accepted or rejected in society. It’s honestly up to you whether you should care or not.

I think its OK to go numb sometimes. It’s a great way to self reflect and mediate and focus on what truly is important in your life. What is that saying the young kids like to use nowadays… “Get Out Of Your Feelings And Get To That Bag”. My sentiments exactly. I believe the bag they are referring to is that goal (big or small) that you should be focusing on anyway.   When you feel your energy shifting to anything that is to not going to make you happy, keep you smiling, or add some type of value to your life..Go Numb.. And Get Back To The Bag. Those emotions do not pay the bills or get you anywhere closer to where you want to be in your future life anyway.

The “Refocus” is the key  to controlling all of those emotions that you just cant shake from time to time. Open a book, do a squat, go read funny memes on Instagram, do anything to get you back to where you need to be and away from the cloud of bullshit trying to circulate over your SnapChat flower crown. Protect your peace at all times people. It is more sacred than gold.


#Numb #Bullshit #Bag #Refocus



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