Overwhelmed Oprah

Bruh…I need like a calm 80 more hours in a day! Why is it that when you finally decide to walk in your path, you become bombarded by task after task after task. Probably because you are finally being held accountable for all this dopeness you finally decided to tap into.  I Am Over It lol. As much as I am trying to embrace all of the new responsibilities that have fallen so gracefully on my lap..in the same instance..I would so rather just hide under the covers and eat chocolate.  Besides the chocolate messing up those sheets what will you be accomplishing Keanna?? Warmth duh lol.

Seriously, I am forever grateful for this new fond depth of “ExtraNess” as a friend of mine likes to call it. lol “Your doing way to much Ke”. If I can turn it off trust me I would. I have so much planned this year from trying to embrace and grow in my relationship with God, to wanting to save the world..or atleast Brooklyn to begin with (The KOLLECTIVE STAND UP)…to advancing my skills in my career…to growing and blooming as a dope ass mom.

My plate is full.

How do you deal with being overwhelmed? I find listing and writing out all tasks at hand and actually crossing off one by one helps tremendously. For some reason when your mind is filled with 1000 things to do, its hard to focus just on that first step. Another thing that helps is meditation. Take a moment and breathe. At the end of the day you going crazy wont get anything done so chill..drink some wine.. and then start the list :).

I honestly do not see myself any other way. Being busy is super annoying..BUT it is rewarding. Its nothing like putting your head down on that pillow at the end of the day and realizing how many goals you’ve crushed and what new ones you are trying to round-up to attack for the next day.

I also find having other overwhelmed people in your corner going crazy about their own crap helps too. You can either look at your friend like wow she’s stressed..let me humble myself because my plate is definitely not as full as hers or look at her like wow look at how she is dealing and slaying everything that is thrown her way. Let me get my life and get to these goals.

Regardless of the situation at hand, please understand being overwhelmed is an emotion and not a state of mind. Meaning it can be conquered. One of those things that God throws at you to remind you that you have some thangsss to do.. So get to it people!! Time waits for no one.

#EVERYBODYGETSACAR #Overwhelmed #Temporary #Peace #Permanent ❤

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