Its The Vybez

Energy’s..Frequency’s..Vybez..Aura’s..Yup Its Real. That feeling you feel when your crush walks in the room or even a person you really don’t like at the moment. That feeling is your body and spirit picking up that person’s energy.  You have your own energy that you give off as well. Are you mindful of what is being picked up when you walk in a room?

Energy is contagious! Like the flu. Do you remember Barney? Who could watch Barney and not crack a smile. That dinosaur was everything. #BarneyVybez. Now on the contrary, if your around someone who is angry all the the character Meryl Streep played in The Devil Wears Prada, your energy will totally shift once she walks in the it should lol #BitchVybez.  Some people can’t help the energy they give off regardless of Barney or Bitch..and that is totally ok. Just the flu..if you catch will be coughing too :-X

Hurt People Hurt People..and sometimes it has nothing to do with your energy or vybe at all. I guess best thing I can say about that is to just stay clear. Keep only positive and like-minded energy’s around you at all times. I say stay away because your response  to any type of energy you are not feeling can either make or break the situation. Reacting off of an emotion is not the best thing to do when you are trying to balance out energys in a situation. Easier said than done 🙂 (IM A HOTHEAD :)..BUT lol I pray on it everyday. Remember who angers you..controls the only time you shouild be sweating anything is on the gym mat.  Do you know it takes 37 muscles to frown and only 22 muscles to smile?

Do Not Lose Your Peace For Anyone. It’s Not Worth It.

Life is too short. And it is way too many Dope Vybez to catch in this world to keep you smiling. #YaZimme.. Stay Blessed and Keep Your Eye On The Prize. #PositiveVibrations #LoveWins #ItsTheVybez


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