Nervous Natasha

We’ve all been there. That feeling in your stomach that you can’t really describe. A feeling of either really having to go to the bathroom ,mixed with random death pains and dramatic rolls of hunger. The infamous “butterflies”. Now I know I’ve spoken of butterflies before but these that I am going to speak of are the types that you wish never even left the cocoon!

The nerves..the jits..Its this feeling God places in you to let you know that you are either about to do something really important or you’ve done something that you shouldn’t of had any business doing in the first place. Example: I am sure before Obama gave his first inauguration speech, he felt like he was on the verge of death. I can only imagine the anxiety he felt as he faced millions of people as Americas FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT!  I will miss him (nods head in prayer). Then there is your 4-year-old who mentally snapped for a second and decided to paint a mural of Mona Lisa with your brand new lipsticks(not used yet). Now she comes down from her creative zen  to realize Mom will be home in about an hour and she will have to explain how under this creative spell she needed to use Ruby Woo to complete her masterpiece. You know that little girl is losing her mind. LOL

Anyway..the point is..Although the butterflies may make you feel sick, crazy, stressed, excited or overwhelmed. All of those feelings are needed for you to completely be on your A game. Obama needed to feel his heart beating out his chest to give America what they needed that night. A sense of hope! And that 4-year-old will need to feel all of those emotions to assist her and her speed from running from her mother for the rest of the day.

TODAY I am hosting my first event along with a few other beautiful black women in Brooklyn, NY. I am not going to lie, the nerves got to me yesterday, but as I wake up, refocus, and realize that I got this..I do know that everything will go as smooth as gravy 🙂 #ClaimIt #BelieveInYourself #ImNotScaredOfNoButterflies #GottaBeUncomfortableToGetComfortable #HappySunday ❤


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