Supporting Sally

Support. That verb is a deal breaker in any situation. Its one of those things that you really should not expect a lot from people, even the ones in your corner. Why do I say this? Because to expect is to set yourself up for something that you feel should be happening in your life. If you’re expecting something and it doesn’t happen the average person usually gets upset and instantly deterred away from whatever goal they were trying to accomplish to begin with.  Now staying hopeful and optimistic in whatever you do, I feel is an easier way to conquer any anxiety you may be experiencing regarding whatever it is you are working on. Here’s a prime example: Your birthday is approaching, you are ecstatic and ‘expect’ your significant other to plan and prepare an amazing day for you. You have already convinced yourself how lit it is about to be. Now today is your birthday. Here comes your boo thang, with a card and flowers…….THASSIT. Hmm feel like crap huh? Why? Because you expected way too much. Now lets change that mindset. OK, my day is coming up, you have no idea what is being planned but you are just happy to be here and willing to accept anything the day brings. That attitude would make it 10 times  easier to accept the card and flowers with gratitude. Even if you are a little disappointed, humble yourself, say thank you and understand you are blessed to see another year of life.

Now staying hopeful and steadfast in your goals despite what support you actually get is one of the hardest things in the world. To understand that failure is a part of the struggle of success takes great maturity and stride. Not everyone will be there to cheer you on for your dreams but its ok! You should be cheering for yourself. Embrace the support you do receive and accept that your dreams and goals are for you to conquer and no one else. The support will come along with the success. Stay hopeful and stay blessed. #YouHaveYourOwnBack #CantStopWontStop #DoYouSmellThat? #ISmellSuccess

One thought on “Supporting Sally

  1. This is so true and i can relate to this. I am learing that being optimistic is the best course to take because in previous situation relationship, educational, and career choices I expected support, to get whatever it was that Indesired and left bo room for error. That being said i found myself not only upset but depressed. I am working on being more optimistic, which is less streesful. Awesome post!!!!


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