Los Amigos

Amigos..also know as Friends. It took me a while to write this blog because I honestly did not know which direction to take it in.  So here it goes!

Growing up I was always popular, had a ton of friends. Holidays, birthdays, you name it , there was always a gang of chics rollin with me. My household was always open so my mom and dad welcomed and treated everyone as their own. Love is love and I got a ton of it so never hesitated to share.

Sometimes people grow with their friends and in other instances some people outgrow them. That was me. I gradually felt myself distancing myself from them, not on purpose of course, just because the things that interested them didn’t interest me anymore. I was onto something new. This was my first snake-skin shedding. I felt renewed.

Then came College. College was life in a nutshell. One of those experiences that you wish will last forever but in the same breath you couldn’t wait for it to end. I LOVED COLLEGE!! The dorms, the freedom, the clubs, the food. College was life lol (yes I had to say it twice). Of course its only when that journey is finished that you actually realize how you miss it so much. In college I met some of the dopest people ever. People that have impacted and added value to my life even to this day. Like I formulated a safe haven in my college friends and we legit started a family, but then can you guess what happened next? There goes the snake-skin shedding like clockwork.

I couldn’t help the growth thing. Life hits you, you change, and start to see things a little differently including the people in your life. Sometimes God puts you in an uncomfortable position to wake you up a bit. No one likes change, but sometimes SHIT happens and you have no choice but to Let Go and Let God. Embrace the uncomfortable-ness, it means it’s a new season coming. Will you be ready?

So fast forward..post college..post baby..post the glow up I can count all of my friends on ONE HAND..maybe 3 and a half fingers LMAO and those 3.5 amigos have rocked my world in so many ways. If you can have one person that makes you feel secure, positive, happy and blessed to be yourself you have won. If you have two people who can inspire you, push you, and assist you in your goals, you’re a lot richer than you think.  Honey, if you have half a person to love you back the same way you love them, you have triumphed.

I have learned quality by far surpasses the need of quantity. I’ve learned so much from everyone that has been in my life regardless if they have left or are still there and am grateful for the opportunity to grow and realize who my true and real friends are. No I do not have a circle ..and I don’t want one. I am trying to be a linear graph with a whole bunch of points (people) that have helped me along the way. Circles go around and around and around. I am trying to go Higher and Higher and Higher! #FeelMe

#Quality #Loner #Life #NoCircleMami

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