Love. What are you guys thinking? I am about to hit you with the mush and it’s not even February yet? lol. Well I promise no mush today, just some warm words to get you through your Sunday.  One of my favorite bible quotes and almost every God-fearing female I know is 1 Corinthians 13 4-8. You know the one that goes Love is Patient.. Love is Kind. I want to focus on verse 8, “Love never fails”. It really doesn’t. Love is one of those things in life that will have meaning even after you are not even present on the earth anymore. How you love is a direct reflection of you. It is also a reflection of how you want to be loved back. Regardless if you are telling your spouse or pet you love them, just remember that you are speaking on a powerful act and will be held accountable for your actions based on that word moving forward.

L- Loyal. Love is loyal. It should never change. If you loved me with a weave you better love me with a shape up hair cut just the same. Sometimes humans love just because it benefits themselves. You tell someone you love them because they are doing something for you, once that act is done, the love is lost. This is not loyalty and please get your life if you are doing this. Karma is a bitch.

O-Original. Your love is as original as it gets because you are unique, you are one of a kind. I think this is the part that makes being in different relationships fun. Your boyfriend in college may have loved your empanadas, now your 28 and living with your fiance you decide to chef up your famous recipe for him. It causes him to break out into an allergic reaction. Ok so this is a super bad example but at the hospital when he could finally breathe again he whispers to you..I still love your empanadas baby. THAT IS LOVE!

V-Victory. LOVE CONQUERS EVERYTHING!!!!! It does not matter what Satan throws at you, you have to understand that having a pure conscious heart will take you beyond the moon and stars. You will win. You have to believe everything happens for a reason and you will be vicotorious in the end. Speaking and believing things into your life is LOVE! That is Victory!

E- Evolve. Evolve means to develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form. If your love is not growing, you are not loving. In a relationship or in general, if you understand that people change, things happen, and to not take things personal because we are all growing beings in this thing called life, it will help cause less heartache (I promise). If a person cannot be there for you during the worst times, but wants to celebrate with you during your best, I suggest having a serious evaluation of  the relationship at hand. That’s not love.  This category is usually a deal breaker in a relationship. Everyone knows the beginning of the relationship is always the best.Why do you think that is? Because as time goes by, people grow, things happen, and then this is the point in time where you evaluate if you want to continue to share your love with this person or take your goodies elsewhere.

Whatever you choose to do just know that your love is more sacred than gold. It needs to be protected and monitored more closely than a patient in ICU. Love is a beautiful thing, continue to grow in your love through anything  and you will see how much it comes back to you. #LoveOnTop #ILoveLOVE #GrowInYourLove ❤ ❤


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