Tick Tock

Time is ultimately one of those precious things in life that people, including myself take for granted. Time is of the essence. One of my favorite quotes. Yet we say that time is so precious and valuable but can waste it so well. How Sway?  Lately, have you noticed where it seems like time just is moving way too quickly? You wake up at 7 am, by the time you blink its 12 30 pm, by the time your fork hits your plate from lunch, you are already crawling into bed anticipating the next wonderful day.

Now regardless if time has really sped up, if the world is spinning a little bit faster or if you really are that busy in life that time just slips away, I feel we ALL need to use our time a little more wisely. Over this past year, I have challenged myself to become more intentional with my time. A practice I decided to pick up after attending bible study one night and it was all that was spoke about. That night I went home repeating the word intentional probably a million times. I eventually looked it up.  As per the Google Gods, to be intentional means to be purposeful or to deliberately do something with meaning. Hmm so this means this intentional time should be used to achieve or conquer something. Whether it is you building your relationship and growing closer with the Lord, your school work, gym goals or even with family, this time spent needs to be done with purpose and with all your heart because for lack of a better phrase..time is ticking.

I challenge you..whatever you are doing…do it with purpose, put your best foot forward and try your best not to waste that time. Remember you wont ever get it back and even if you feel it wasn’t your best. Its OK, next time around push yourself even harder! I want to leave this world knowing that my time was well spent even the wasted ones! Don’t you?


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