If I had a dollar for every time I was called crazy…man listen. Crazy is as crazy does! How you know I’m crazy if you aren’t on the same level of craziness to spot me out? Hey Ms. Crazy how you doing??! LOL

People are too quick to jump and label something that they don’t understand. I have come to the realization that everyone views life through their own looking-glass. Everyone has their own definition of what being crazy is. I think this is the issue. Everyone has an opinion. So if one person feels one way and another feels another how can we judge and define someone as anything? There is no guideline of how to think or live your life and that is one of the best things about living, nothing is scripted. So just because things aren’t being done the way you want it to or how you want it, what gives you the right to judge or ridicule the actions of others?

I have realized that all those incidences of  those “you’re so crazy” comments eventually caught up to me. I started second guessing everything. Maybe “they’re” right. Made me think and review past and even present actions. Maybe I am crazy. Why do I think the way I think? I took all these questions to God. You know what he told me? Girl snap out of it! You are not crazy. YOU ARE JUST YOU!

You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone. People will believe and formulate their own conclusions and facts based on their own feelings. 99% of the time what people say to you is a reflection of how they really feel about themselves. #BOOM #QUOTEMEH! lol.

What else has gotten me through being crazy is finding people who think your crazy is normal. When you realize that maybe some of the things people took for granted or belittled you about, may actually be the same attributes that people think are great and dope in you…life instantly becomes easier..and just like magic..your craziness all of a sudden seems sane. #NAMASTE

Find your normal in your crazy ❤

#CrazyIsAsCrazyDoes #DifferentDoesntHaveToBeUnderstood!




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