Inspire Your Desire

What inspires you? What gets you motivated? This morning I woke up with a list of things that needed to be done today. As I rearranged and talked myself out of half of the things on the list, it dawned on me, I really didn’t want to do anything today! Emotionally tired and physically drained from the constant everyday ups and downs of the world sometimes you just want to say F this I am not getting out of bed. But then what? That list of things will still be there regardless right. Not saying you do not deserve a break, of course you do, everyone does, but how many breaks do you plan on taking in life? When will that list of things get done or at least started?

What will give you the motivation to get up and get going? Well for most, people are inspired by other people. For myself, I follow a girl on Instagram and her body is ridiculous. She goes to the gym everyday for probably 2-3 hours. I wish! lol. I am definitely not as motivated as her but she does inspire me to get up and get my half an hour in.

A little motivation is better than nothing remember that! My fitness goal is probably very small when it comes to hers, and I do not have the time like she does to invest in the gym but I have started and am proud of my progress.

This girl probably doesn’t even know she has inspired me to squat lol, which comes to my next point. Sometimes you don’t even know when you are even inspiring someone. That alone is motivation in itself! Whether it is your child or a follower on social media always put out your best in life. You never know who is watching and inspired to follow your footsteps.

#InspireYourDesire #BeGreat #GETMOTIVATED

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