She got her own thang..that’s why I love her.. Ms. Independent singing* blah blah lol. DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE. Being a strong young black woman is one of the best things any woman should take pride about being. To be able to stand on your own, provide for yourself and your family, and slay at the same time is an achievement not all can master. Definitely pat yourself on the back young lady, you are doing the damn thing. So why aren’t you more proud of your accomplishments? Why are you dumbing yourself down? Is it because society makes a mockery of your stamina? Your grace..your swag?… How dare you hold your head up after going through hell. How dare you prevail through all the BS in your life and stand tall. Then society labels you as “TOO STRONG”. Hmm.. feels like you can’t win sometimes. The irony is.. you already have! Took me a while to admire my strength. I couldn’t stand that quote ” God doesn’t put you through anything you can’t handle” Umm like who asked you to make me able to handle this?!? lol but its life and it is true.

A huge downfall in being strong is that no one ever thinks you are able to be weak. You always got it together or will get through it. Even the strongest person has their weakest moment. My best advice from a strong woman to another strong woman is that it is ok to have your periods of weakness. It is ok to want a hug or cry..but when your done (usually in about an hour), fix your mascara, blow that nose, and keep on trucking. As expected, because that is just what we do. We keep trucking.

I’ve said this before that our paths have already been paved and steps already drawn out. I do believe that and believe that with every step you take in life your strength grows and it is a beautiful thing. Your strength is not for anyone to understand. It’s for you to shout loud I AM STILL HERE AND DOING THE DAMN THING! #NeverTiltThatCrown #STRENGTH #OnlyTheStrongSurvive

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