Abundance Baby

Abundance ..what does it mean to you ? Having it all ? Or having just enough? Are you the type of person that feels like you are never satisfied with what life gives you? Always wanting more before you even finish what’s on your plate?

Some people strive and want so much more from life without even taking a second and acknowledging everything they have right in front of them. Blessings come in different variations and forms. You opened your eyes today. You.Are.Blessed! You found a 20 dollar bill on the sidewalk..Might As Well Change Your Name To Blessed Betty 🤗. My point is, sometimes you are abundantly provided with everything you would ever want in life and don’t even notice it because you are on this long life search for so much more.

Take a moment to smell the flowers..don’t skip over what has already been planted in your life because you are on a constant search for that bigger blessing. Remember everything is already written and your steps have already been made, they are just waiting on your shoes to fill them. #Abundance #Overflow #AlwaysLit ❤

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