Be Happy In Your Hope!

“Be happy in your hope, stand your ground when you’re in trouble, and devote yourselves to prayer.”

Romans 12:12 CEB

Be happy in your hope! If this doesn’t scream optimism I don’t know what does be hopeful means to have understand something that does not even exist yet.

One of the hardest thing to do is to try to understand and trust something that you cannot see or feel for yourself. I believe firmly into speaking things into your life. It works. The key is being consistent and firm in your belief that things will work out for you in your favor. In order to get through this thing called get thru every trial and turmoil you will have to learn to master the optimism within..your hopefulness ..your faith!

You have to understand that there are things you just do not have any power or control over and to leave the power and control to the only person that can help you in your weakest and strongest hour.

Practicing to be more specific and consistent in what you are praying and asking for is the key to keeping it all together and not losing hope.

Pray and speak nothing but positivity in and over your life..believe and stay hopeful Everything will work in your favor #ClaimIt🙏

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