Kendi’s Korner

Is this what you’ve been waiting for?!? Welcome to Kendi’s Korner!! I am so happy you have found your way to this small aspect of life in this big wide world of internet. My name is Keanna and this is my very first blog ever! I am beyond excited to share with the world some things that have been floating around in this crazy mind of mine and are hoping you are ready to read and enjoy.

For those of you wondering who is Kendi and what is the significance of this Korner. Well Kendi is my daughter’s nickname (short for Kendall). When I was pregnant, I lived in a very cramped studio, enlisted one of my close interior decorating friends to come by and help me “make space”. In that time we formulated Kendi’s Korner which was located on the right corner of my bedroom and included her crib, a small dresser, and changing station. I loved that Korner, found it as a place of sanctuary, especially after I gave birth and as I watched her sleep every night all I could think was Thank You God!

So there you have it..Kendi’s Korner ! Welcome to my peace, my sanctuary, my love all wrapped up in a blog site.

Peace Love and Soul

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